Volumes ‘Intake’ Live Video

I recently upgraded to a Canon 7D a few months back so i’ve been getting into videography and such. Here’s a quick little live video I shot for my friends in VOLUMES the other night. Enjoy!

Just Launched ∙ Between The Buried And Me Website

I had the pleasure of creating a brand new website for Between The Buried And Me to promote their upcoming album ‘The Parallax II: Future Sequence’ go check it out! www.betweentheburiedandme.com

New Artwork ∙ Tesseract ‘Perspective’ EP

Tesseract approached me to create some artwork for their upcoming ‘Perspective’ EP. I was more than ready to take on this project as I already knew the band and the hype they had backing them. The final product came out perfect and i’m more than happy with everything.

Make sure to grab a copy online or at your local record store! this album was released worldwide via Century Media Records.

New Artwork Additions

Now that i’m just about settled in Los Angeles i’ll be spending the next day or 2 updating all the content on the site. It’s been about 3 months since i’ve added any new artwork, and unless you follow me on any social networks you probably have been missing out on what i’ve been working on.

I’ve just added 12 new album covers to the ARTWORK page and have tons of new logos, merch designs, and more to be added.

In the meantime, here’s a photo I shot at Long Beach the other day!



Hey everyone, what a month it’s been over here. So many artworks wrapped up, identities built, and some crazy merch designs crafted. phew.

Here’s a grip of new artworks I crafted this month. Sadly I have alot more that are in progress / finalized that i’m just waiting on the client to beable to release them to the public. Some of my best works yet… so get ready!

Announced near the middle of April was the SCREAM IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT tour 2012. This tour is completely stacked this year and I had the pleasure of creating the website that announced each artist featured on this years run (such as the likes of The Chariot, The Acacia Strain, Oceano, Attack Attack, We Came As Romans and can’t forget my very good friends in VOLUMES). Go have a look at the Scream It website here – silymi2012.com

Also check out some tour posters I made up for the current CREATIONS / BERMUDA / ADALIAH / FLOAT FACE DOWN U.S. run they’re doing aswell as the CANADIAN REHAB TOUR II featuring VOLUMES & THE CONTORTIONIST!

On top of that I wrapped up final pieces for releases such as Solace, Belie My Burial, & Adaliah so you can all have these releases in your dirty little hands. I hardly ever release the other pieces of the casing, but here’s a preview of how ridiciulous the rest of the artwork for Pale Beyond came out along with a tee I did up for them too -


in May look for me to be releasing new works for clients such as Tesseract, Red Seas Fire, American Me, Elitist, Every Passing Dream, We Came As Romans, Lifeforms, and maybe even a few surprises thrown in there.

Thanks again for all the constant support everyone. This past month we blew away the previous ammount of visitors by ten fold so I really can’t thank you all enough! -D

New Artwork ∙ Solace

To celebrate the grand opening and relaunch of my portfolio, i’m very excited to release to artwork I crafted for Solace’s upcoming full-length album ‘Call & Response’. If you weren’t already familiar, Solace is the side project of Misery Signals frontman Karl Schubach. With much hype and momentum backing the project I was very stoked when Karl approached me to create the artwork for his project.

With a great sense of simplicity and overly strong vibes this piece has turned out to be one of my personal favorites. Make sure to catch Solace’s new album when it becomes available very soon!

Make sure to click the artwork to the left to view the high resolution, or check out the project page HERE.

Website Relaunch!